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About Our Founder

Our founder Steven Aviram was born and raised in Greater Cleveland.  During his teen years he attended Shaker Heights High School, was a national level pairs ice skater, and worked at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  He went on to attend Carleton College in Minnesota where he developed a passion for philosophy, his major.  It was there that he learned a powerful way of thinking about community and how we fit into it.  The philosophy goes like this: Our first concern is ourselves and our own well-being, our next concern is our family, then friends, then our community, our country, and finally all of humanity. As we develop more connections to those around us, we  draw those outer circles and closer, and we start to care about our community almost as though it were our own family. We named ourselves Aspire Community Realty because we aspire to help our clients start the process of drawing those circles closer in their community.


His passion for real estate began in the heat of the foreclosure crisis, a time when communities were being torn apart.  It was then that he got his first job after college, inspecting foreclosed homes. It was there that he saw first hand the powerful way that housing can impact community.  The tragedy of lost dreams that he saw in the abandoned homes inspired him to rebuild what was lost. He started to do just that in 2014 when he began a 5 year project managing rehabs of over 200 foreclosed homes all over Northeast Ohio.  He learned the ins and outs of home renovation, wrote hundreds of estimates, and managed 4 different crews of contractors. He also got his real estate license during this time period, and began using what he had learned to help his clients find solid homes in areas with good potential.  He began Aspire Community Realty in 2019, through which he strives to continue his community building mission.

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